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E-book Access

This is for Spanish 1 only!
If you would like access to your e-book please email me and I will send you the username and password.
Have a good weekend!

Spanish for Natives Test

¡Atención Español para Nativos!
Mañana para su examen repasen su vocabulario, gramáctica y apuntes. 
El PDF del capítulo se encuenta en su google classroom. 
Los veo mañana

Attention Spanish 1- On Tuesday, you will have your unit test. Make sure to study!
Here are some helpful links so you can start to study!
Rockalingua: This includes the video we watched along with a game and some worksheets.

This video has someone counting from 1-50

On this quizlet, it includes all the vocabulary we saw, (it even has drawings)

Also, Conjuguemos is a great site for Spelling and Vocabulary practice

Here are the videos to the songs I have used
Days of the week:

Where you are from: