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Welcome to 6th grade! You will find this site helpful throughout the school year. It's going to be a GREAT year. I look forward to working with you and your child. 

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Student personal narratives are due tomorrow.  They have been typing, editing and revising their stories on Google Docs and will submit their paper on there. This is a major grade for the first nine weeks. 
The fiction reading checkpoint will be Wednesday, Oct. 11th. 
As a reminder, students have vocabulary words each week and a practice sheet that is due each Thursday and Frayers Model that is due each Friday.  This week we are on lesson 5 words.  Please check with your child to ensure that this is being completed each week.  
Friday is a 1/2 for students and there is no school for students on Monday. 

Students have been working on personal narratives in writing.  We have started the revision process of their writing in class and will continue working on them each day.  Students that are behind are instructed to finish what they did not get done in class as homework each night.  Final copies will be due on Wednesday, Oct. 4th and counts as a major grade. We will be typing them in class beginning on Friday of this week and Monday the following week.  
Vocabulary Unit 4 words are this week.  The vocabulary practice page is due on  Thursday and the Frayer Model is due on Friday.  Words are posted under the vocabulary page as well if your child forgets to bring words home. Please ask your child if they are doing this weekly and help them study their words as needed.  The vocabulary quizzes average as a major grade. 
We will be having a fiction reading checkpoint over the learning we have covered in class thus far. The test will be on Wednesday, Oct. 11th. This counts as a major grade.  It will cover plot, inference about characters, inference about the story, summary, point of view and using context clues to identify word meaning.  


Students will have Unit 3 vocabulary words this week.  The practice sheet is due on Thursday and the Frayer Model is due on Friday.  Their quiz over the words will be Friday. 
Students were also assigned to read Freddie in the Shade.  They can access this on my Google Classroom or there is a link on my teacher page.  Then they will complete a character web on Freddie (they were given the character web in class today).

Each week students are given vocabulary words and assignments that go with the words.  The vocabulary practice sheet is due every Thursday and the Frayer Model is due every Friday.  The Frayer Model is to be done in their vocabulary spiral. They have a vocabulary quiz over each week's words on Friday.  
Open House will be Thursday, Sept. 14th from 6-8
Picture Day will be Monday, Sept. 18th

Welcome back! I know it was a crazy week with the weather situation.  I hope everyone was safe and was able to stay dry.
Students will have a vocabulary quiz over the Unit 1 words they received today in class.  They will have a Frayer Model to complete for each word that will be due on Friday and Vocabulary practice sheet that will be due on Thursday. Usually students will receive the new vocabulary list on Friday of each week, but due to the week off from school they are bringing them home today. 
Students will have a genre quiz on Monday.  They have a printed out copy in their reading notebook that they can use to study.