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Welcome to 6th grade math!  I am Penny Jones and can't wait to begin my second year at Creekside Park Junior High School!  This will be my 26th year of teaching.  I earned a bachelors degree at Kansas State University and a M. Ed at University of Houston in Administration and Supervision.  I am also a certified gifted and talented and English as a Second Language.   I am passionate about teaching math and served as a Math Specialist for 14 years before moving to The Woodlands.

My goal is to have a personal relationship with each and every student.   I want to understand their needs and learning styles so that I can help them excel and reach their maximum potential.   Our classroom is a TEAM and each and every mathlete will bring strengths to the math playing field.  Every team must have a coach, so the students will refer to me as Coach Jones, their math coach.  Every coach needs to have their assistant coach, so I will be choosing an assistant coach every week from the class based on behavior, participation, and effort. 

I am looking forward to an exciting year and building a wonderful team of parents and students!

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Recent Posts

PAP: Test over Number Types, Absolute Value, Opposites, and Comparing Integers.

This will be a 10 Question test focusing on the topics listed above. The test will be Wednesday.  The students have known about this test for over a week.     Students can use their MAN to study from.

Level: Ordering/Comparing Rational Numbers Test Thursday.

Students will have to be able to order and compare rational numbers.  Students have known about this test for over a week.  I actually have pushed it back to make sure they are well prepared for it.  Review will come home Monday.

Level: Fraction/Decimal Benchmark Quiz Tuesday

Students will have to identify the benchmark fraction with each decimal.
For example 1/4 = .25
These are in their MAN.  

Supplies for Math Class

Hi Parents!
Just a friendly reminder that all students need to have a black expo marker (no color) and a pack of colored highlighters for taking notes in their MAN.  I have a lot of students using my supplies, which will soon run out.  Thank you so much!
Coach Jones

Unit 1A Test Friday for 6th Math

Good Morning!
We will have a 10 question test over Number Types, Absolute Value, and Opposites this Friday.  Students can review in their MAN and completing their CMR's.
Thank you

Unit 1A PAP Math Test Thursday

Good Morning Parents,
We will have our first unit test this Thursday.  The test will be over comparing/ordering decimals and decimal operations in problem solving format.
Thank you.