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 PARENTS---Please take just a few minutes and make sure that you are subscribed to my page! You will need to go and hit the subscribe button again under my picture. If you are new and don't know what this is, it keeps you updated with all the communcations via emails from me.  This how I communicate important infomation about thing going on in class, about the school, field trips, etc, so it's very important that you subscribe.


You all are awesome and I'm looking forward to another great year with your wonderful kids!  Just a little info, if you ordered school supplies, don't worry about anything they will be delivered eventually. The PALS supplies were short, we only recieved 1. 


 If any of the incoming 6th grade parents have questions before school starts, please feel free to email me, I will be your childs Language Arts, Social Studies Teacher and Paw Period Teacher, and I can answer your questions.  I have met your child on a couple of occasions already! I was the teacher here last year and am happy to assist you with this transition today and throughout this year.  This will be a big change for everyone, Junior High is the first step towards becoming a teenager, and then on to adulthood....  Independence and personal growth is huge in our program as well as academic performance.  We hold our students accountable and do expect them to learn just as their nero-typical peers do to the best of their abilities.



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If in your shopping trips to Walmart over the weekend you happen to pass by the school supplies section---yes, you read it right--- WE ARE NEEDING GLUE STICKS ALREADY! Your kids must have become super humans over the summer or something--- found their arm muscles???? I'm fussing but we are still running through glue like crazy! I literly have 5 left in the bin. NOT KIDDING!  Please Any amount you will buy, I will take, we need the big packs! 6-8 grades are using them in my classroom....  Mrs.Barber will be forever grateful for purple glue lol!!!
Thank you in advance,
Melissa Barber

Early release

Friday is early release.  The kids will get out at 12:00, no lunch will be served.  Monday is a student holiday as well.  Please check your kids backpacks, their progress reports were sent home today.
In case your kids haven't told you, we have been learning alllll about hygiene in daily living and how to sweep- put them to work, make them practice!
Take care,
Melissa Barber 


 Hello Parents,
I hope everyone is doing well! I bet you all are doing the "parent count down" lol!  I know all of my friends are... As you can imagaine, I have mixed feelings about it. I miss your kids and want to get back to it, but am not ready to give up my relaxed schedule and my own kids.  I know all good things must come to an end but I'm just not ready...
We will have another teacher and para this year, I have not met them yet.  Hopefully I will on Monday.  I think he will be teaching 6th grade, it hasn't been totally decided, but that was my assumption.  
I am doing some updates to my page so you may be getting some emails about that.  Edlio (or someone is) is supposed to delete your email addresses so that you have to sign up again.  I just checked my account and all of your addresses are still in there. So as of right now you don't have to go in and resubscribe to my page.  If you go and look at the updates, I put it on there just in case I get a new student or if they do delete y'all.  
You may be getting school wide emails now with "important dates" like for Cougar Camp-  
As far as I know, I will be at the Cougar Camp-
6th grade August 11th from 1-3
You will be able to order spirit "stuff" (school shirts, hoodies-I would suggest getting at least 1) in the large gym (and I can assist you with this if needed) and if their schedules are done, they can have them.  I can show you around the school again if you would like as well.
I will be in the foyer, greeting the 6th grade PALS students. I have met them.
Schedule Pickups Locker setups, I will be here if needed
7th and 8th grades August 15 from 1-3
You do not need to stand in line for schedules, and they do not have lockers  
***If you elected to buy your own school supplies, this is the day to bring them, please, not the first day of school!  ***
All ordering of PE and LOTC school uniforms will be done ONLINE.  The district has gone to a new system where they no longer accept cash.  More infromation will be given to you when school starts.  ** Incoming 6th graders*** ALL students that had APE will need purchase a pe uniform to dress out in.  They have pe EVERY DAY in junior high.
I will have your child's schedule rather you pick it up or not and we are going to get them where they need to be so it's really up to you if you would like to attend.  I would just appreciate knowing who's coming so I know who to look for and when I am allowed to leave.  That would be great!
If you get a moment, please send me an email and let me know if you ordered school supplies through the school or are getting them on your own.  They will give me a list but I need to make sure your name is on it and I'm making sure you are getting my communications!
FYI- Make sure your student is enrolled!!!  I think there is an online enrollment you have to fill out every year. I don't live in this district but I've heard about it...please double check it!!!  Need current addresses, phone numbers and emergency numbers!!!
If anyone has any questions about anything, please feel free to email me. I'm not offically back but I always answer questions and it will help ease me back in lol!!!  
Seriously looking forward to seeing all of you again!!! Have missed our converations...
Melissa Barber

PJ Day!!!

Last Friday of the Year!!!
In honor of tomorrow being the last Friday of the year, Mr. Scott said that all of the students can ware their pj's.  

Thank you!

I wanted to take a moment to say "THANK YOU!" to everyone for making my birthday so special this year.  It's been a hard, busy year.  It's nice to feel so loved and appreciated and means a lot you took the time out of your busy schedules to recognize me in whatever way that you could.  I love each gift and card no matter how big or small!
Hopefully your Mother's Day gifts made it home in 1 piece!  If you haven't found them in your child's backpack yet, tell your husband it's his job to get a gift bag and some tissue paper so they can wrap your gift!  We worked together to make your gift.  This will make since after you open your gift,-- the rice goes in it and then put the pen in the rice!  If you have questions later, email me....
Lastly, Nicole was sneeky and told you all about my birthday now it's my turn to get her!  Her birthday is coming up too-- it's May 24th!!!  We will do a party for her on that Wednesday so please have your child make a card or gift for her.  She does A LOT for your child!!!
She likes cinnamon candies, dark chocolate, salted caramel chocolate, Almonds, pretzels and peanut butter.  Any combination of ingredients is good (except cinnamon lol)!  She shops at Kohls and Target.
Have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!!!

A few things...

I wanted to let you know that I am sending home a flyer about Special Olympics.  There has been interest in forming an area wide team for some time now and it has finally happened.  So, I you are interested in having your child participate there is meeting happening tomorrow evening.
Also, last week our current event was all about the Disney movie, Born in China, that came out over the Earth Day weekend.  Your kids learned a lot about China and the animals in the movie and are exited about the movie.  They would love to go see it with you and I would encourage you to take them and to really ask them about it (they better make me look good...)  The story went home last week in their papers.
If you haven't sent in your child's permission slip for Challenge Day, I need that back ASAP pretty please.  
25 days left!

Challenge Day

Challenge Day is coming up, May 5th.  If you are planning on attending, you will need to follow the directions and pre register at CPJH so that you will not have to stand in line at Willow Wood Junior High.  That must be done on or before the 28th!  IF you are going to take your child from the event, you MUST sign the form and have it to me asap with the permission slip.  If someone other than you is going to take your child, THEY MUST BE ON THE EMERGENCY FORM ON FILE AT THE FRONT OFFICE.  This might be the last year you will be able to take your child from events like this so enjoy it while you can.  *Note the classes they miss at school after we return if you take them are considered an unexcused absences.* Teachers will let my students make up any work that is missed if needed...  Please get those permission slips back as soon as you can.

Field Trip

Hello parents,
Last week I sent home a bright green flyer about a fishing trip.  We were invited to go on a field trip over to Tomball High School since we are the new feeder Junior High school.  Next year only the 8th graders will be invited to go on this annual fishing trip and visit to the High School.  I will be sending home a permission slip this week that will need a quick turn around!  The trip will be on Friday and will be the majority of the day.  If you have any concerns please feel free to contact me.


We are back at it, last 9 weeks.  Challenge Day will be here before you know it!  Speaking of that.... If you would like to order one for YOURSELF ONLY... it is 10.00.  The school is going to pay for the kids shirts YAY!!!! Thank You Mr. Scott!  If you are wanting to order a shirt for you.... I MUST HAVE A CHECK OR CASH BY TOMORROW, WEDNESDAY AT THE LATEST!  ORDERS ARE DUE 3/22.  
Please enclose the size(s) you are ordering and I will get it on the form when I get it.  Make it clear for me!  We haven't picked colors yet so I don't know what color our school is this year.
The count down it on to STAAR is on! April 3-21 is our testing window so please do not schedule any Dr appointments during that time if you can help it!

Dr.Seuss Week!

Monday, Feb 27
Mixed Up Monday
Wear Mixed-Up clothing!
Tuesday, Feb 28
Top Hat Tuesday
Wear your favorite hat or make it a Seussical kind of thing!
Wednesday, Mar 1
Wacky Wednesday
Wear your wackiest socks!
Thursday, Mar 2
Theodor Thursday
Dress as your favorite Seuss character!
Friday, Mar 3
Friday Fun
“Aloha Spring”! Wear a Hawaiian shirt and be prepared to dance!
Ok folks, it's a fun week this week! Dress to impress. Everyday has a theme, use the scroll bar at the bottom to see them....
Friday is the Spring dance.  I will be there again if you want to have your child come for a little while let me know and I will receive them and watch over them while there.  It be shorter than last time, only till 8:00 and you don't have to let them stay that long if you don't want too.  Just let me know if you want to make that happen, I'd be happy to facilitate.


I just got our time for the golf rotation.  We will be at the High school during our lunch time so I will do pizza or nuggets for lunch tomorrow in the classroom when we get back!  You are welcome to send a sack lunch if you prefer but that will be on the menu for sure!

picture day

Just at reminder that Wednesday 2-22-17 is picture day!  FILL OUT THE ORDER FORM COMPLETELY IF ORDERING PICTURES- I WILL NOT CALL YOU!!!
Also the Transition Fair is this weekend, I'll send home another flyer this week.  This is where you can get all kinds of information on services and programs for your child. 
Also, just a reminder that Golf is this Friday. This is a closed event to parents.  It's so quick but I will take pictures for you as always....

Valentine's Day

Hello All,
I wanted to let you know that we will be having a little Valentine's Day card exchange tomorrow.  I'm sorry for the last minute post and if you don't have time, I'll have some cards for the kids to sign.  If you want to send a little candy or trinket there are a total of 7 kids (including your own child) in the class.
Here is a list of the kids and teachers
Mrs Barber
Ms Truss
Ms Coday
Just in case you did not know, this is also a short week, there is NO SCHOOL on FRIDAY.  It's a teacher in service day AND there is NO SCHOOL on MONDAY!!!

course selections

For those of you that have sent in your course selection sheets, thank you!  If you haven't sent them back please do so as soon as you can.  These are kind of a formality, and I will do my best to place this kids in the courses they selected but they I will need to make sure the class is appropriate and that we can make it fit in the schedule.  I have to make sure that I can teach them first and classes are only offered so many times a day (if only 1 time, it might not work out next year.) Core classes come first!  I think we are also going to have a Daily Living Class as an elective next year to teach functional skills that we can focus on every day versus 1 time a week if at all.  The other junior high schools do this and I'm hoping to be able to get it going next year.  I think the kids will really love it!  If you are confused you can send me an email or leave it up to me and I'll put something down.