Body Systems Unit Test: November 20, 2019

Unit Test over the body systems and  their functions.
Complete the quizizz in google classroom: Unit 6 Review

Body Systems Informational Website

Just a reminder, day 1 and 2 should be completed by tomorrow.  You will find the assignment in google classroom.

Body Systems Informative Website Project

Major Grade:  Due November 15
You can find all the information on Google Classroom

Reminder: The Cell Science Test-October 10, 2019

cell theory
Cell theory Timeline
Cell structure and function
Level of organization

Cell Test: October 10

What to study:
Cell theory, Cell theory timeline, Levels of Organization, Cell organelles and their functions.

September 24, 2019 7th Grade Science Test: Classification

Study material:  google classroom quizizz
INB Classification Tab

It’s here: PTO’s Spirit Wear and Yard Signs pickup!

It’s here: PTO’s Spirit Wear and Yard Signs pickup! Today 9/19 & tomorrow 9/20 from 2:00 - 3:30 pm through the LGI doors. 

Life on Earth Unit Test: September 10, 2019

Study characteristics of life notes/life in outer space notes, and test review (crossword puzzle).

Tonight: Meet the Teacher

Greetings Parents,

I look forward to meeting you at  tonight’s Open House.  The timing  was send in Dr. Munoz’s Families Communication last week.  You will follow your child’s schedule throughout the night .

All you need to know is my Name:  Jennifer Reyman and my room number: 716 .

I will have your child’s schedule printed for you to follow the rest of the night.

Creature Creation Mini Project: Due September 5, 2019

Using the characteristics of life to create an organism.  The student must complete a graphic organizer and write a story about their organism explaining the characteristics of life.