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Save the Dates: 
August 26, Safety Test
September 10, Understanding Life on Earth Test
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It is going to be a great year.

PAP Outside Reading: Semester 2

Reminder of the outside reading for semester 2.  Book list can be found on the 7th grade PAP page.  The presentation will be due in May (TBA).  

February 20, 2019: Energy through the Ecosystem Test

Hard copy review located on google classroom.  Link to Quizizz game located on google classroom.

February 20, 2019 Energy through the Ecosystem Test

Test will cover Photosythesis, Cellular Respiration, Food Chains, Food Webs, and Energy Pyramids.  Study notes, test review, and complete the quizizz game to prepare for test.  

Science Test Tomorrow: December 18

Study the review and complete the quizziz.com game.
Game Code:  905898
Answers to review are in the google classroom.

Book Presentation Due December 18, 2018

PAP Outside Reading Presentation

Using google slides, you will make a presentation that will include:

  1. Book summary (25 points):  How is the book connected to science?  How is it connected to life?
  2. Main Event (25 points):  Give examples from the book that linked your connection with science.
  3. Book conclusion (25 points):  Include at least 3 new things you learned about from the book that increased your knowledge in science.  
  4. Write 1 interesting fact about the book.  Include pictures or diagrams. (25 points)

Body Systems Informative Website: Due November 26

Major Grade due November 26
Google Classroom has the assignment with rubric. 
We will work on the assignment in class Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Human Body Systems Test: Friday, November 9

Identify the structure and Function of each body system.  Understand and apply the concept of how the systems work independently and together.