LOTC SYLLABUS - 2022/2023


Instructor Information

Name:  Gunnery Sergeant Rojas 

Room:  309

Phone: X 4494

Email: [email protected]

Teacher Website:

Welcome to Creekside Park Junior High School Leadership Officer Training Corps (LOTC). The following guiding principles are provided for information and are designed to assist the student in becoming a well responsible cadet within the LOTC program.

Please​ ​read​ ​this​ ​syllabus​ ​carefully and go over the requirements of the program with your child.


LOTC is a non-traditional class that allows students to learn and develop character and team building skills that will prepare them for success.  In addition to the classroom we may utilize outside designated drill areas, weight room, gym, as well as track and football field area.

The following is the LOTC normal weekly training schedule:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Character Team Building Uniform Physical Physical

Development Drill Inspection/Drill Training Fitness 

** Students must wear closed toed shoes that are secured to their feet on drill days. No sandals, slides, flops permitted. Students that do not have appropriate shoes will not be able to participate in drill and will receive a reduction in their daily grade.


LOTC is comprised of competition teams; Color Guard, Unarmed Drill Team, Armed Drill Team and Physical Training Team. These teams will practice during school hours as much as possible as part of the curriculum. Please note additional practice sessions may be required before or after school in preparation for Competitions and/or Community Ceremonies. It is mandatory to participate in additional practices. If you are unable to attend practices please contact me.


Students will have at the minimum six (6) major grades per nine weeks, and a minimum twelve (12) daily grades per nine weeks. Major grades will consist of exams, tests, and uniform inspections. Daily grades will consist of leadership, participation, dressing out for physical training, and participation in physical training twice weekly.


Grading scale is as follows:

90 - 100 = A

80 - 89 = B

75 - 79 = C

70 - 74 = D

Below 70 = F

NOTE: Failure to wear the LOTC uniform on a required uniform day will result in a ‘0’ for that week’s “Uniform/Personnel Inspection” grade. 



Making up work is the responsibility of the student and the teacher. The student, immediately upon his/her return from an absence, must check with his/her teachers for make-up work that may be due. The teacher, in consultation with the student, will establish deadlines for make-up work. In cases of extended illnesses where assignments are being sent home or to a hospital through the student’s academic advisor or teacher, the student and teacher will agree upon the length of time allowed for make-up work.



The majority of this course is Performance Based. Therefore, students (Cadets) must be present in order to be adequately evaluated. Unexcused absences & unexcused tardies will adversely affect an individual’s grade. Unexcused absences on Uniform and PT days will result in the Cadet receiving failing grades for that event, in addition to adversely affecting their Leadership / Followership grade.


Cadets should have and bring to class a composition book (wide ruled 9.75” X 7.5” 100 sheets​ 200 pages black and white is the only color allowed), Pen and or Pencil.  All other classroom instructional materials will be provided by the instructor during classes.


All cadets will be required to wear the LOTC uniform ONE DAY EACH WEEK.

The uniform will be worn on Wednesdays and is a MAJOR GRADE. If a cadet misses school on a uniform inspection day, he/she must make-up the inspection the next school day (example: if a Cadet misses school on Wednesday; the cadet will be inspected the first day returning following absence). 

Dress Uniform and Physical Training Uniform, will include purchased Polo shirt, PT shorts and T shirt from LOTC Store -

Uniform items provided by parents: 

Black dress pants/no pleated pants Black Oxford dress shoes or Black Combat Boots and Black dress socks

White Crew neck cotton T-shirt Sufficient Running Shoes and Gym socks



Due to guidelines and requirements of the LOTC program, the instructor expects a higher degree of character, conduct, and discipline from LOTC Cadets. Infractions will be dealt with fairly and quickly.  The instructor reserves the right to dismiss a Cadet from the LOTC program for any extreme disciplinary reasons. See Student Handbook.

Parent​ ​Volunteer​ ​Group 

The success of the LOTC program is attributed to its parent support in and out of the classroom. In order to provide fun-filled activities, fundraising opportunities, field trips, team competitions, and community services, there is a need to get everyone involved. The CPJH LOTC Parent Support Group (PSG) will meet monthly to coordinate, plan, and discuss upcoming events and activities.

Please, assist us in helping to make your child a better citizen and role model.


I am looking forward to a great year. Please acknowledge your awareness of the expectations, curriculum content, uniform requirements, and materials needed, by signing the below form and returning it to me. Keep the syllabus for further information. I encourage you to attend all performances, competitions, and/or ceremonies and participate actively in your child’s LOTC experience.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.



Joe Rojas

Gunnery Sergeant 

USMC (Ret) 



Wednesday: Uniform inspection day:

Grading Rubric


_____ Reporting Procedures 5 pts


_____ Grooming 5 pts

  • Hair neat in appearance, females will have buns, no nail polish, males clean shaven


_____ LOTC Mask 5 pts


_____ Uniform Shirt 20 pts

  • Free of stains, Neat in appearance (no wrinkles), tucked in, 


_____ Uniform Pants 20pts

  • Free of stains, Neat in appearance (no wrinkles), Pressed creases


_____ Black Belt 10 pts

  • No missing belt loops, Proper alignment


_____ Black Boots 10 pts

  • Solid Black Dress Shoes , Clean in appearance, Buffed/Shined


_____ Black Socks  5 pts


_____ Rank Appropriate Knowledge 20 pts

you have any questions, comments, or concerns.



Joe Rojas

Gunnery Sergeant

USMC (Ret)