English as a Second Language Program

Hello!  My name is Holly Dressel, and I am one of the ESL Specialists at Creekside Park Junior High, along with Jennifer Keogh.  We have the privilege of supporting students who are learning English as a second (or third or fourth!) language by providing additional academic & language support in classrooms, targeted language support in advisory period and intervention support in before or after school tutoring opportunities.  I also teach a 8th period class called ELLA designed for Beginner to High Intermediate English Language Learners in 7th & 8th grade to help students build foundational English skills and expedite their English fluency development.
In the menu on the right side of this page, there will be helpful links of resources that your student can use even from home to help improve language acquisition and development.  
Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns, in English OR Spanish, porque yo hablo español tambien!