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Coming up next week: 2/10-2/13

  • PGP meeting: Monday 02/10 (Parents encouraged to attend!)
  • Algebra 1 PAP Unit 6A test: Wednesday 02/12

PGP parent letter

Just a reminder that the PGP meeting is next Monday, February 10th. I highly encourage parents to attend. Information and times are available in the attached parent letter. (click PGP parent letter to open link)

Algebra 1 PAP Test dates!

Unit 4 test: Friday December 13th
Semester Exam : Wednesday-Thursday December 18-19th. 

Geometry PAP Test Dates!

Unit 6 test: Tuesday December 10th
Semester Exam : Tuesday-Wednesday, December 17-18th. 

Algebra 1 PAP Information 10/12

All students have had great attitudes and the willingness to learn these past couple of weeks. I am happy to be teaching and inspiring this group of Algebra 1 PAP students. We have a couple important dates and information I want you parents to be aware of:
  • Students have Practice EOC Questions (HW) due Tuesday.
  • Slope project will be introduced this upcoming week.
  • PSAT is Wednesday 10/16.
  • Unit 3B test Thursday 10/24.
Have a great 3-day weekend!

Geometry PAP Information 10/12

Students were introduced to a project to begin their 2nd 9-weeks. The directions/outline were posted to Google Classroom. The rough draft will be due on or before Wednesday 10/16 and will need my signature to begin on their final draft. The rough draft will count as a quiz grade. Final draft will be due Tuesday 10/22. 
  • PSAT is Wednesday 10/16
  • Unit 3 Test: Wednesday 10/23
Have a great 3-day weekend!

Geometry PAP/Algebra 1 PAP upcoming tests

Just a friendly reminder that your Geometry student has their Unit 2B test over Proofs on Tuesday. After completion, their cumulative 1st 9 weeks test will occur on Thursday or Friday of this week. 
Just a friendly reminder that your Algebra 1 PAP student has their Unit 3A test over slope, y-intercept, y=mx+b, and direct variation on Thursday. After completion, their 1st 9 weeks test will occur on Tuesday, October 8th. 
Riyn Williams
Creekside Park JH
Algebra 1 PAP/Geometry PAP


Geometry PAP & Algebra 1 PAP:
Unit 1 test is tomorrow! Make sure to study effectively and get a good nights rest! Answers to the review were posted earlier today. See you tomorrow!
Coach Williams
Algebra 1/Geometry

Important dates and Remind 101

Students are doing amazing. In Geometry PAP, we are working with distance and midpoint formulas. Algebra 1 PAP is going deep into solving equations and inequalities. All students have an upcoming Unit 1 test Friday September 6th. 
Algebra students have a GEMDAS project due September 6th as well. Rubric has been posted to Google Classroom. 
I have created a Remind 101 for each period.
Remind 101:
2nd Period- Text @eddk2be to the number 81010
3rd Period- Text @d66b9f to the number 81010
5th Period- Text @fkedc7 to the number 81010
7th Period- Text @f7dhd3 to the number 81010
This is just another way to communicate and give reminders of upcoming events/dates. Please contact me at any point. I will get back to you as soon as I can. Enjoy the 3-day weekend.
Riyn Williams
Creekside Park Junior High
Algebra 1 PAP/Geometry PAP/ Coach

First Week Information

Hello Parents,

I just wanted to reach out and tell you all how much I enjoyed meeting each and everyone of your children. I am so excited to have your child in my class. Some supplies your child will need throughout the year is as follows: 

  • 2 composition notebooks or spirals
  • Pencils (a lot a lot)
  • Colored pencils
  • Glue sticks or tape
  • Notebook paper
  • Graph paper
  • Expo markers (a bunch)
  • Ti-84 calculator (home use)

I do not want to get anyone overwhelmed! The composition notebook or spiral and pencils are a must daily. Your children will be notified when to bring the other supplies to class. It would be a good idea for them to already have the supplies in their locker. 

I am ecstatic to get the school year started. I hope the first week back and the rest of the school year is a blast. Please email me know if you have any questions!


Riyn Williams

Creekside Park Junior High

Algebra 1 PAP/Geometry PAP/ Coach