Classroom Expectations

We expect all band students to activity participate in creating and maintaining a safe, enjoyable and productive teaching and learning environment for all students.


The music class room is a unique and exciting place to teach and learn. In order to provide and protect an enjoyable and productive learning environment or all students; the following expectations must be adhered to, by all students, at all times:


  • Enter the room quietly. Prepare for class as quickly as possible.
  • Be seated, with all needed materials by the tardy bell.
  • There is no talking, without permission, while the teachers are working.
  • All musical sounds stop when the conductor or teacher stops.
  • Practice and preparation for class should be clearly evident.

Correctives for expectations and general policies not followed during class will be the follow:


  • Verbal warning no. 1
  • Verbal warning no. 2
  • Lunch detention, behavior reflection form, parent phone call
  • Detention, alternative class assignment, parent phone call
  • Administration office referral


Any student specific, alternative, or intermediate corrective action needed will be discussed with parents, students and campus administration.


Thank you for helping us maintain and great learning environment for all students.