Welcome to 8th-grade Social Studies! I'm Janet Newberry. This is my second year at CPJH and I'm excited!


The arena of education has been my career home for 35 years. I earned a bachelor's degree and a Master's of Education at the University of Houston in Administration and Supervision. I've served as a teacher and administrator in public and private schools for 26 years, and as an educational consultant for 9 years.


I am passionate about U. S. History and am so delighted to be a part of a great team of passionate educators at CPJHS. It is an honor to serve in Tomball ISD.


My goal is to build a relationship of trust with each and every student.   I want to understand their needs and learning styles so that I can help them grow and excel.  


Our classroom is a safe place to learn and that means it's a safe place to sometimes struggle. Struggle is a real part of a healthy life and my goal is to help your student learn to navigate struggle well so they can grow stronger, instead of getting stuck in a difficult place.


I look forward to an exciting year. Parents, my goal is to build a relationship of trust with you, too. Together, there is great hope.


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School Pictures on Thursday

Hi Parents!

Fall picture day for Creekside Park Jr High is Thursday, November 19th. In an effort to facilitate a contactless ordering process, your school as requested that all picture orders be placed online. You may visit https://www.prepayorders.com/school/cpjh7128 to prepay for your package online. The Flyer Code is: cpjh7128.

Please have your student dressed in their best for their Fall photo.

Provine School Pictures 8305 Kempwood Dr. Houston, TX 77055

713-528-1059 phone

Missing assignments / upcoming Progress Reports

Dear Parents,

Good afternoon! I hope this email finds your family well and enjoying this sunny day.

Tomorrow is the due date for teachers to submit grades for the 2nd marking period Progress Reports, which will be distributed on Wednesday, Nov. 15.

Many students are missing grades in U. S. History. Some students are missing grades because of quarantined-related reasons. Others are simply behind in submitting assignments or completing quizzes.

At this point in the grading period, considering the number of students working in quarantine at home, missing grades will not be counted as zeros. My goal is to help students make up this work and continue learning. (By the end of the marking period/the next report, all missing assignments will count as zeroes.)

Please spend a few minutes with your student and look at their grades in HAC for Social Studies.

If you don’t have access to HAC (or are unfamiliar with finding grades in HAC,) please contact our CPJH registrar at [email protected] and she will provide you with log-in information.

If your student is missing a grade for the Patriot/Loyalist QUIZ, there is a link to take that open-notes quiz in Friday’s folder in Schoology. (This is the 4th reminder for students to take this quiz as it was originally assigned on Wednesday, last week.)

If your student is missing a grade for the Quizizz review, please have them log on to Quizizz.com or joinmyquiz.com and use the code: 01902904 (This is the 4th code I have provided for this assignment. A missing grade on this assignment by Friday will result in a 0.)

If your child has been quarantined/working from home and they are missing a grade for the Plot Diagram, Timeline, and Pen & Sword Heroes assignments, remind them that we did these assignments together before the Unit 3 Test. I collected these assignments in class on the day of the test, but some students were working at home. These assignments need to be turned in as soon as the students return to F2F instruction.

If your child is missing a grade for the Unit 3 test, please remind them to send me an email about coming to school at 7:15 a.m. one morning this week to take that test.

Finally, if your child was absent/quarantined last Tuesday when we took the district benchmark test—and they will be returning to school this week, please have them plan to come to school at 7:15 a.m. on either Tuesday or Wednesday morning this week to take this benchmark test.

Thank you for your help during these challenging times.

Together, there is great hope.

Janet Newberry

Binder Checklist - DUE MONDAY

Happy Saturday, Parents --
Yesterday in class, students worked to organize their U. S. History binders and we talked about the power of good habits. 
Your child has a binder checklist created to help them:
  • reflect on their habits in Units 1 & 2,
  • celebrate good work, and
  • make mature goals for the future.
This binder checklist needs your signature. Thank you for talking with them about the evidence you see in their binders of good work and strong habits. Thank you, too, for encouraging them to continue to grow up as a student. 
Your student is also supposed to go to Home Access Center (HAC) to check for any missing assignments that need to be completed.
The Quizizz Review assignment was supposed to be completed Wednesday night, before the TEST on Thursday. 
If your student is missing a grade for the Quizizz Review (or has a failing grade for this assignment,) they can use this code to access the review game until Tuesday/midnight at joinmygame.com or quizizz.com --
Grades for Thursday's test will be posted no later than Sunday, Oct. 11.
Thank you for helping and encouraging your child.
Together, there is great hope. :) 
Janet Newberry

A new habit for students:

Schoology can be a great resource for all students this year, whether your child is receiving instruction F2F or TVS.
I am encouraging ALL STUDENTS to begin a habit of checking Schoology UPDATES every day for U. S. History. I will be communicating important reminders there each week.
This is an update I just posted for on-level F2F classes--

A few important reminders:

* Write your SEL goal on the back of your name tag by Friday.

* Answer the questions on the "Are You A Pilgrim Or A Puritan?" (pg. 12 in Unit 2) by Wednesday. 

* Be sure you have read about THE STARVING TIMES. The information is in this week's Monday folder. (CLICK "Materials," CLICK "Week 4," CLICK "Monday," CLICK "Starving Times.")

* If you want help making test corrections on Monday's test, please send me an email to let me know you will attend tutoring tomorrow (Wednesday) either from 7:15-7:45 or from 3:05-3:30. Tutoring is available every Wednesday and you need to SEND ME AN EMAIL if you are planning to attend. THANK YOU!

* Remember--Schoology is your friend. Many days there are additional resources available to help you better understand what we are covering in class.

Parents--I'm posting this info here so you know that your student is starting this new habit of using Schoology as a great resource for all classes, including U. S. History. 

Together, there is great hope!

Janet Newberry

Attendance today, Sept. 22

Attendance will be monitored today based on student engagement on Schoology. 
My understanding is that when your student logs in and participates by opening the files for today's assignments, that activity will trigger PRESENT for learning for their Social Studies' class period.
Please note: NEITHER of today's assignments in U. S. History are due TODAY. There is NOTHING to be turned in today in Schoology.
We will complete the "Where Would You Settle?" activity tomorrow in class. 
The Jamestown assignment will be ongoing this week.
Thank you, 
Mrs. Newberry

Tuesday, Inclement Weather

Good morning, parents --
I am inviting you to join me and take a collective deep breath as we change plans quickly today because of inclement weather. 
As of this moment, I'm not sure if teachers will be teaching virtually on campus or from home. If we are allowed to go home, there will be a brief interruption in my teaching schedule to allow for travel time.
I know you are making plans at the last minute, too. Let's offer each other some grace as we adjust today's schedule.
With the details I have right now, this is the plan for instruction today:
* I will work to post an update on Schoology by 8:15 that gives each a class specific code to join me on GoogleMeet during their regularly scheduled class time. (First period will begin a bit late to give students and teachers time to get settled.)
* Today's work is posted for each class on Schoology. The students can access their assignments by looking in the "Tuesday, Sept. 22" folder for U. S. History.
* I will be available on GoogleMeet during class time to guide them and answer questions, as needed.
* At this moment, I am unsure about attendance procedures today, but I will plan to take attendance for each class during the first 10 minutes of class/each period. I will wait to take attendance for 1st period at 8:30. 
Thank you for your patience. Please know I am offering you and your families patience today, too.
Together, there is great hope.
Janet Newberry