Welcome to Algebra I!


I am Sarah Carroll and can't wait to get started this year teaching Algebra I and coaching Volleyball and Basketball. This will be my 9th year teaching and my 4th year teaching Algebra. I grew up in The Woodlands, Texas and graduated from The Woodlands High School before earning a Bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M University. I am passionate about teaching math and served as a Math Department Chair and a campus Data Specialist for 4 years prior to moving to Creekside.


I have a passion for education and I strive to make personal relationships with each and every member of my class or team. Every student has different social, emotional, and educational needs and my goal is to ensure that I do everything I can to meet those needs. I want to understand your student’s learning styles so that I can help them excel and reach their maximum potential.  


Success Nothing Less







Bridge to Geometry Project (Replacement Grade- Completed in class)

Assigned: Monday May 9, 2022

Due: Monday May 23, 2022


Algebra I Final Exam

Wednesday May 18, 2022



Past Assessments:


Algebra I EOC

Tuesday May 5th

Mandatory for ALL Algebra I students to receive High School Credit


Algebra I EOC Practice Test (Major grade)

Thursday April 28, 2022- Part 1

Friday April 29, 2022- Part 2


Sequences Quiz

Thursday April 7, 2022


Unit 8 Test

Thursday April 14, 2022

(If you will be absent this day, students to make arrangements to take the exam prior to their absence during the class period)


Unit 7 Test

Thursday March 31, 2022- Graded and entered into HAC


Unit 6C Test

Friday March 11, 2022- Graded and entered into HAC


Unit 6B Quiz

Friday February 25, 2022- Graded and entered into HAC


Quadratics Project 

Assigned: Thursday February 3, 2022

Due: Thursday March 3, 2022- Graded and entered into HAC


Unit 6A Test

Tuesday February 15, 2022- Graded and entered into HAC


Unit 5B Quiz- Polynomial Operations

January 25, 2022- Graded and entered into HAC


Unit 5A Test- Exponents Test 

January 14, 2022- Graded and entered into HAC