Immunization Reminder!
6th graders! 2 immunizations are required by the States of Texas before entrance into 7th grade. 6th grade students that need these immunizations are getting a HOT PINK notice sent home with them on 12/4. I hope this will give you ample time to update your student's record before they become deficient in August 2020. Per Texas Law, students missing immunizations will not be allowed to attend classes until their record is up to date. 
These shots are indicated at the 11 year check up, so most of our students already have them. Please turn in an updated record to the nurse. 
Thank you for helping us keep our community healthy. #VaccinesSaveLives #HealthyCougars
Kinsa FLUency Program
Hi families! You all qualify for a free smart thermometer as a part of the Kinsa school health program Creekside Park J H is participating in this year. You have until December 13th to order! Simply click this link from your smartphone to download the Kinsa app and sign up: .

The deadline has been extended until Dec 13, 2019! 


Making the Right Call When Your Child is Sick:


Should I keep my child home or send him/ her to school?

School Policy (and/ or state law) requires a child to stay home if he or she:

Has a fever above 100.0 degrees or higher

Has been vomiting or has diarrhea

Has symptoms that keep your child from participating in school, such as:

Very tired or lack of appetite

Cough that he or she cannot control, sneezing often

Headache, body aches, or earache

Sore throat- a little sore throat is okay for school, but a bad sore throat could be strep throat, even if there is no fever. Other signs of strep throat in children are headache, stomach upset, or rash. Call your doctor if your child has theses signs. A special test is needed to know if it is strep throat

Keep your child home if they have continuous coughing or sneezing often, this spreads sickness to others.

24 Hour Rule:

Fever: Keep your child home until his or her FEVER has been gone WITHOUT medicine for 24 hrs. Colds can be contagious for at least 48 hours.  Returning too soon may slow recovery and make others sick.

Vomiting or Diarrhea:  Keep your child home for 24 hours after the LAST time he or she vomited or had diarrhea

Antibiotics: Keep your child home until 24 hours after the FIRST dose of antibiotic for anything like ear infections or strep throat.


Please help others from becoming sick by keeping your child home while at their sickest.

For more information, or if you have any questions, please contact the School Nurse.


Medication Policy

Please complete the Medication Authorization Form for the school nurse to administer medication during school hours.

Medication must be dropped off by a parent or guardian. Medication CANNOT be transported by a student to or from school. 


IF it is a PRESCRIPTION medication and/or an OTC given 10 or more consecutive days, your doctor must complete and sign the middle section titled: "PHYSICIANS: PLEASE WRITE ORDER FOR SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION" AND a parent/guardian must sign the lowest boxes. 


IF it is an OVER THE COUNTER (OTC) medication, only a parent must sign. 


Please note these important points: 


  • Only Health Care Providers with Prescription Authority in Texas can prescribe medications and treatments.
  • The following medications require an order from a Health Provider with Prescribing Authority in Texas include:
    • All prescription medication
    • Non-prescription medication given more than 10 consecutive days
    • Non-prescription medication when dosage is more than dosage on container
  • Changes in the administration of prescription drugs including dose and time must be in writing from the physician. Discontinuance must be in writing from the parent/guardian and/or physician.
  • Changes in the administration of non-prescription medications must be in writing from the parent/guardian and/or physician.
  • Medication orders are valid only for the current school year.
  • Only those medicines appropriate for that age child will be administered.
  • Medications from foreign countries will not be accepted or administered by the school nurse or the principal's designee.
If you would like to volunteer to help in the clinic, please visit to fill out an application. 
Next, fill out the clinic confidentiality form and return to the Nurse. 
You must be cleared before you can volunteer.  Thank you so much to our parents all ready to volunteer!!