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Intro Test

Tomorrow we will have a test. It will cover: Greetings, numbers 1-30, emotions, language families and cognates, alphabet, months and days. 

¡Atención! Español para Nativos

Padres de Español para Nativos,
Este fin de semana, los estudiantes tienen asignado hacereles una entrevista sobre sus antecedentes. Ellos lo pueden grabar, y asi pasarlo a escrito el lunes en clase. 
¡Muchisimas gracias con su ayuda en esta tarea!

Coming up next week... Spanish 1

Next week we will have a grammarquiz over unit 3.1 on Tuesday. As well as a unit test over gustar, -er and -ir verbs, and 3.1 vocabulary on Thursday 1st of Feburary. 
Here are some resources to help you study. 
On quizlet, , use the spelling feature to study. 
Workbook pages 102-107 for grammar. 

Study Guide and missing assignments

Since we have a test on Wednesday the 27th, I am uploading a study guide for those who want to answer it. 
Also, on Google Classroom, I have uploaded some links to help you study. 
Also, on Google Classroom, I have uploaded the missing assignments if you are missing any. 
Have a great Thanksgiving break!

Horario: Spanish Presentation

Make sure to study for your oral presentation tomorrow. The resources as well as the rubric have been posted on Google Classroom!
Keep calm and studyon!

E-book Access

This is for Spanish 1 only!
If you would like access to your e-book please email me and I will send you the username and password.
Have a good weekend!

Spanish for Natives Test

¡Atención Español para Nativos!
Mañana para su examen repasen su vocabulario, gramáctica y apuntes. 
El PDF del capítulo se encuenta en su google classroom. 
Los veo mañana

Attention Spanish 1- On Tuesday, you will have your unit test. Make sure to study!
Here are some helpful links so you can start to study!
Rockalingua: This includes the video we watched along with a game and some worksheets.

This video has someone counting from 1-50

On this quizlet, it includes all the vocabulary we saw, (it even has drawings)

Also, Conjuguemos is a great site for Spelling and Vocabulary practice

Here are the videos to the songs I have used
Days of the week:

Where you are from: