Welcome to 7th Grade Science

This week is all about Lab Safety!!
Important Dates:
Friday August 20 - Lab Contract is due
Friday August 20 - INB composition Notebook
Friday August 20 - Lab Safety Test Unit 1

Unit 3 Test-Tuesday October 20th

Test is over cell theory, cell theory timeline, and cell organelle (structure and function).  

Remind 101-Please Join!!

For those of you who are not familiar with Remind you would text that code to 81010
Level Science-Class Code @3cgbk4
TAP Science-Class Code @9daffe6

Week 2: Adaptations

Google Classroom Assignment:  Due Friday.
Let me know if anyone needs help!!!
Miss Everyone!!

Biome Project: Major Grade-Due March 4, 2020

Biome project is posted in google classroom.
Students will work on it in class Friday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.
It will be due at the end of Class on Wednesday.

Reminder: Science Test Tomorrow (Feb. 20)

Complete the quizizz in google classroom.  Study notes over photosynthesis and Cellular respiration.

PAP Reminder: Outside Reading Presentation

2nd Semester outside reading presentation will be due in May.
-same reading list
-same rubric

PAP Outside Reading Presentation: Due 12/11/2019

PAP ONLY:  Post in Google Classroom
PAP Outside Reading Presentation
Using google slides, you will make a presentation that will include:
1. Book summary (25 points): How is the book connected to science? How is it connected to life?
2. Main Event (25 points): Give examples from the book that linked your connection with science.
3. Book conclusion (25 points): Include at least 3 new things you learned about from the book that increased your knowledge in science.
4. Write 1 interesting fact about the book. Include pictures or diagrams. (25 points)  

7th Grade Science Benchmark: Monday/Tuesday Dec. 9 and 10

Friday December 6 will be review day.  The students will have a quizizz to complete over the weekend.
INB is a great source.  

Tropism Contraption Lab: Thursday Dec. 5

Wednesday the groups will decide how to build it and what they need for this project.  I provide the bean and dirt.  
Contraptions can only be made from, or contain, the following objects:
cardboard/cardboard box, plastic bags, paper towel, netting or screening,
straws, tape, glue, string, or popsicle sticks.