Sectional Schedule


Honor and Philharmonic Orchestra Sectionals


Start Date: TBA

End Date: 10/10



Monday: 3:15 -3:50 pm Honor Violins


Tuesday: 3:15-3:50 pm Honor Violas


Wednesday: 12:53-1:19 pm ( Paw Period) Honor Cello

                    3:15-3:50 pm Philharmonic Cello


Thursday: 12:53-1:19 pm ( Paw Period) Philharmonic Violas

                 12:53-1:19 pm ( Paw Period) Philharmonic Bass


Friday: 12:53-1:19 (Paw Period) Honor Bass

             3:15-3:50 Philharmonic Violins



(This schedule will change in correspondence to upcoming events. Please look for schedule changes via email, Cut Time, and website.)