Tomball ISD TAP Program

The program is an open enrollment program for students beginning in the 6th grade in the areas of English, Math, Science, and Social Studies. The course content comes from the state standards for the designated grade level and subject, but takes students deeper into the content through problem solving and real world application. In order to be successful in these courses the student should:

  • Have a proven history of academic success in the subject area
  • Possess interest in the subject area
  • Be actively engaged in their own learning, taking responsibility for workload and asking questions when needed
  • Possess high quality study skills and time management skills
  • Be prepared to complete out of class reading assignments and projects

Students must maintain at least a 70 average at the end of each marking period in order to remain in the course. If a 70 if not maintained in the course, students will be removed and placed in the equivalent on-level course. 

Since these are open enrollment courses, students that leave the TAP course, can re-enroll in the TAP course the following school year.