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I am thrilled to be the 6th grade ELA teacher for the 2017-2018 school year at CPJH. This is my sixth year teaching, and the past five years I taught fifth grade at Timber Creek Elementary. I graduated from Texas A&M University (Whoop!) where I received a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies (emphasis on 4-8 LA/SS). In addition, I am GT and ESL certified. While at A&M, I was selected to have the extraordinary opportunity to teach English at Tsinghua University in China. It was a life changing experience, and I hope to someday return!

I was born and raised not too far from Tomball, in Navasota, Texas. I have an amazing older brother, two wonderful older sisters, and the best parents anyone could ask for. I am a proud aunt to three beautiful nieces and two handsome nephews. And in March 2018, I will be marrying my best friend, Stephen Kruppa. In my spare time I love to run, be outdoors, read, travel, try new food, and spend time with my family and my friends. 

As your child's teacher, it is my goal to instill a love and desire to read. I want my students to become lifelong readers! It is truly a blessing to be apart of the TISD family. I am ecstatic to do my part in ensuring that every student has a successful and wonderful year
Students were asked to bring lyrics from a school appropriate song to class tomorrow for homework. We are working on reviewing figurative language. Pre-AP has a reader response due tomorrow on Walk Two Moons. We do have vocabulary this week and the words are posted on here.
Thank you for everything!!
Questions for Reader Response for Pre-AP:
1. How did Sal change throughout the story? Give evidence.
2. Trees were mentioned many times in the story. What do you think the trees symbolized and why?
3. How did Phoebe's story relate to Sal's? Any aha moments?
4. Theme and overall opinion of the book
Due on Tuesday. Vocabulary test is next week and resumes as normal!
Dear parents,
This week there will be no vocabulary due to the fact we are giving the district reading benchmark on Thursday. I have already given their vocabulary to them, but I explained to every class that it would not be due until next week. Vocabulary test will be next Friday as usual along with their quiz prep sheet (due Thursdays) and their Frayer models (due Friday). 
Have a great evening! If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me!
Hi parents,
Tomorrow's Vocabulary Quiz is a review of all the words they have had the past five weeks. Although they had homework to prepare them for the similar format of the quiz, please remind them to make sure they know the meaning of each prefix and root word. For example, they need to know "Graph" means "Write" and "Anti" means "Against."
Hope that helps!! Have a good evening!
Howdy parents,
This week we are wrapping up our first 9 weeks. I can hardly believe it! We took our major grade Fiction checkpoint today. For those who are not finished, they will have tomorrow to do so. This grade, along with their personal narratives, will be the final two grades of the nine week period. 
It's been a wonderful first 9 weeks. I honestly can say I have the best group of 6th grade kids. Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job with them! As always, please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.
Ms. Noto
Good afternoon,
This week students will need to finish their personal narrative for a major grade. Students should be on revising/editing at this point. The deadline for the final published piece will be this Friday, September 29th. 
Have a great evening!
Good afternoon,
It's our first Monday at school this year! I know getting back into the routine is going to take some time. Parents, please be aware that students will have ten vocabulary words weekly. Students will need to complete a quiz preparation sheet that is due on Thursdays, and Frayer Models of the ten words due on Fridays. A quiz will be given over these words every Friday and will be averaged into one major grade. Students are able to work on homework during Paw Period. As students get more familiar with the work it will get easier to complete. They are also expected to read every day for at least thirty minutes outside of school. 
Open House is this Thursday from 6-8. Parents should report to their child's first period class. 
Please let me know if you have any questions! I have enjoyed getting to know your child. Also, here is some information from PTO regarding Spirit attire:


PTO Spirit Wear is being sold now and is your only chance to buy this year!! Take advantage as this will be the way to gear up for Friday Spirit Days at school.  Parents don’t forget to buy for yourself and your other kids who may be in the stands cheering on our Cougars!!  

PTO is also asking for your support in our Cougar Campaign.  This is our lone fundraising drive for the year.  Last year, PTO was able to buy books for our library, lab equipment for Science, graph pull down charts for the Math dept, sewing machines for Theater, a mascot costume, wall signage throughout the school and on the water tank, honor roll achievement cards, 8th Grade celebration, teacher appreciation and more!  We are wise stewards of your money and our goal is to continue to make this school a place on the rise!

Both of these campaigns end Friday. We will be at Open House on Thursday or your kids bring in an order and check to the front office, visit us through the parent section on the school web site, or our facebook page to connect to our online store.



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Just wanted to say...

Thank you for all that you do. I am having such a wonderful year with these kiddos. We have talked a lot this month about learning from failures, and keeping a growth mindset all year long! I have really seen quite a few kids start out really strong in the new year, so I hope they continue to remember their goals! Have a great weekend!!

Next Week

Today all students received a Unit Vocab review. This will be due on Monday, December 18th. In addition, they have a Fiction/Drama/Poetry passage review (24 questions) that will be due on Wednesday, December 13th. Students will have checkpoint on all the genres we have taught so far on Thursday. It will be a major grade. The review will prepare them for what they can expect on the checkpoint! We will go over it on Wednesday in class. 
I hope you all have a great weekend!!


We will not have Vocab this week, but we will have a Unit Test over the past four weeks of vocabulary next week!
Have a great evening.

This Week

Students need to be finished with their rough draft of their traditional literature story when they walk into class on Wednesday. Figurative Language quiz tomorrow. The weekly vocabulary words have been posted if needed! 
Have a great week!!