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Parents and Students, it is time to get back to work!  I had a great break, and hope everyone else also enjoyed their time with family and friends.  I am SO looking forward to the Spring semester! 
This is a time for us to reflect on what we did well last semester, and want to continue doing well, AND think about what we might want to improve this semester.  To start us off strong, we have reflected on these aspects of class and made some commitments to excellence for this Spring.
Students, please make sure that if you have missed any tests from the last week or so before school let out for the break, that you make arrangements with me to take care of that make-up work ASAP.  ALL make up tests for 6th grade World Cultures and 7th grade Texas History need to be taken care of by Thursday January 18, 2018.
Parents, please check with your child to see if they need to replace any supplies they may be out of or that may be no longer functional.  Some students are in need of a new binder, dividers or a small spiral notebook or journal for Social Studies.
Tutoring for the Spring semester will be on the following schedule:
6th Grade World Cultures - TUESDAYS 7:15-7:45 am AND 3:15-4:00 pm or by appointment.
7th Grade Texas History - THURSDAYS 7:15-7:45 am AND 3:15-4:00 pm or by appointment.
Please continue to check grade level pages to see if there are any upcoming tests, projects or homework assignments!


Recent Posts

6th Grade World Cultures - Europe/Russia re-test

6th Grade World Cultures students will have an opportunity to get some additional instructional help in understanding the concepts covered on the Europe/Russia test and take another version of that test to improve their grade.  ANY student, regardless of their grade may attend the tutorial sessions, however, only students who made below a 70 will be able to increase their grade up to a 70.  
Tutorials are mandatory for a re-test.  Tutorials will be held on Tuesday 2/20 from 3:15-4:00 pm and Thursday 2/22 from 7:15-7:45 am.  Any student who attends a tutoring session may re-take the test before or after school, or during PAW period the week of 2/20-2/23.  Please remember, only students who made below a 70 will be able to increase their grade, and only up to a 70.

Europe-Russia Study Materials

6th Grade students are having an assessment over the Europe/Russia unit this Friday.  The students were given some guiding questions to help them make connections to pertinent information which will be covered on the assessment.  These questions are not being given as a homework assignment or to be graded, but to help students focus their study time.  The information and notes we have worked on in class are attached and highlighted.  We will be reviewing this in class tomorrow.

HW: 6th Grade - Dinner Party prep

6th Grade students will be participating in a United Nations dinner party tomorrow in class.  Students will be taking on the leadership role of a country, and making a decision in a group of other "country leaders" about a historic event.  Some students received cards for the country they chose to do their semester project on.  Unfortunately, I did not have ready-made country cards for each country students chose to research...but I am making them this evening.  If your child did not receive a card today, they may choose one from the file attached and read ahead, or they can pick up the card for the country they chose to research tomorrow in class.  
What they need to bring to class tomorrow is an index card or sheet of paper which has a picture (drawn or printed from the computer) of a favorite dish/food from the country they are researching this semester.  On the back of the picture, they need to write the name of the dish/food, and put a short description of it, so everyone will know what it is.  This should be a fun class!

7th Grade: Outline Government Essay

7th Grade students will be writing an essay tomorrow in class for a major grade.  They have vocabulary, graphic organizers and notes they can use to help them with appropriate terminology and ideas to support their explanation.  Students were given time in class today to complete their outline.  Outlines MUST be brought into class complete on Friday 1/26/2018 so that students can write their final draft and submit for a grade.  The information and suggestions for outlining the essay is attached.

HW: 7th Grade Texas History

This afternoon, students should review their notes on the Texas Constitution and government, and then make notes/brainstorm ideas on how to respond to the writing topic/task: How does the Constitution create the structure and function of the government?
I will be checking to see if they have made notes and started formulating their response to the writing task tomorrow, Wednesday 1/24/2018.  

Three Ring Circus/Branches of Government

Schoolhouse Rock video clip of the three branches of government compared to a three ring circus.

3 Ring Government Graphic Organizer

HW: Texas History students need to complete the branches of government for Texas government for homework.  Students need to include for each branch: name of the branch, who leads or serves in the branch, what the function/job of each branch is. 
The link to the song, the image of the work we did in class for the US government and the handout at attached.

Study Materials - From Exploration to NAFTA

6th Grade World Cultures students will have a test which will be broken into three parts.  Part one they are working on in class, and is a foldable map.  Part two will be multiple choice, and part three will be their choice of short answer questions.  The test will be given over two days, Thursday 12/14 and Friday 12/15.  Study materials are attached.

Republic of Texas organizer

7th Grade students will have a quiz over the Republic of Texas on Wednesday 12/13/2017.  The information to be studied is in their notes, the summary and vocabulary they worked on today and in previous weeks, and the attached organizer.

HW United States

6th Grade World Cultures students have the attached image and questions for homework on Thursday 11/30/2017, due on Friday 12/1/2017.  This will be used in our class discussion on Friday, as to the diversity of the Americas.  Please feel free to discuss as a family, and know that I am looking for the student's authentic responses and thoughts on the image and questions, as there are NO right or wrong answers.